Lernfabrik für Energieproduktivität LEP


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Preisträger Deutschland - Land der Ideen 2012

The Model Factory for Energy Productivity –
extraordinary and pioneering

Energy has become a strategic factor in keeping the German economy competitive – above all in industrial production. In times of crisis, it is even more important for companies to get their costs under control. Protecting the climate and reducing CO2 emissions are additional factors that make saving energy a key issue.

So far, however, German companies are still not using all the opportunities available to reduce their energy costs, although the potential savings are as much as 30 percent of their total production costs. By 2020, German industry could save around ten billion euros. Many company managers want to do something about their energy costs. But they often lack concrete knowledge and methods to lower their energy consumption significantly and permanently.

Where should a factory manager start to optimize energy usage? How can a company quickly begin saving on energy and lower its costs? What methods and technologies exist to use energy more efficiently?

Practical answers to all these questions and more are available from the new Model Factory for Energy Productivity (LEP), which was set up as a cooperative effort between the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company and the Technical University of Munich's Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb).